Mul-T-Lock ENTR & IoT

Mul-T-Lock ENTR & IoT
20 Apr 2016

Home automation & IoT trends are gaining momentum. Since launch, Mul-T-Lock has sold tens of thousands of the “ENTR” smart systems  to enter the house. The solution is suitable for almost any door without the need to rewire or power connections. This innovative system allows occupants to control the locking system of their home, open or lock it in various ways: directly from your smartphone, using a remote control, a fingerprint reader or Kuden numbers.

ENTR allows, among other things, control and monitoring of the entrance to each moment, each own smartphone authorized user. The system uses Bluetooth ® encrypted and secure, so that regardless of the network or Internet media home. Another application allows the locking system alerts the door open / locked, battery status, and enables the authorized user, duplication of “virtual keys” to open the door.Additional features of the system are automatically locking the door during closure, as well as an option for Shabbat observers open the door using a mechanical key.

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Yet another Israeli innovation we are happy to be a part of.