Our special fields

Our Special fields

TandemG is an R&D boutique focused on delivery at its best quality and quickest time to market. We invested immense efforts in developing the delivery platform we employ in order to execute and deliver successfully time after time.


Device, Gateway, Mobile and Cloud


Internals of wireless and wire protocols


Licensed OS development

Medical products

Hardware and Software aspects

Video & Image processing

Video streaming and analytics, AR & VR


Engineering, Product-line, Add-ons, Loggers, CI & DevOps

Green Technologies

Agriculture, eco-energy and more


OS kernel & internals, sniffers, packet analysis and more

Technology Stack

Windows Kernel / Windows Inetrnals

All Platfroms Desktop, Compact, Embedded & Server

All Versions Windows XP to Windows 10


  • Various Classes NDIS, File system , Device drivers , Bus Drivers,
    Filter drivers, Virtual drivers
  • All Frameworks WDM, KMDF, UMDF
  • Microsoft Certifications WHQL ,WHCK

Middleware Services, COM, ActiveX

Embedded SW Development

Knowledge base and expertise Embedded OS, BSP, Drivers, DSP, Firmware

Microcontroller platforms w/o operating system

  • For Low Cost, simple and specific solutions
  • MSP, STM, PIC…
  • RTOS (ThreadX, Integrity, Nucleus,…) and Bare-metal

Application platforms based on SoC

  • Embedded Linux
  • Android BSP, kernel and ROM
  • SW solution with OS and W/O DSP capability
  • ARM, MIPS, Cortex based SoC…

Electronic Design and Engineering

HW System

  • System Engineering and documentation

Board Design & Layout

  • Hardware schematics, Orcad based
  • Design documentation and specs
  • Conducting Board layout
  • Analysis of signal integrity and high-speed

FPGA Design

  • VHDL/Verilog Based design
  • IP Core and Soft-core generation and integration

Prototyping and Design Validation Conduction

  • PCB Production, SMT/TH assembly Class II/III  and AS9100
  • Board bring up and ATP
  • Testing – Environment, dynamic and thermal
  • Certifications – EMI/RFI, UL and CE
  • Quality programming

Applications / Frontend / Backend Development


  • Android – SDK & NDK
  • iOS – Swift & Objective-C
  • Cross-platform – Xamarin, Hybrid & Web Applications


  • Cloud & Server Architecture
  • Backend – Java EE and MS MVC/ASP
  • Frontend – Angular 2.0, React.JS and Aurelia
  • SQL and NoSQL databases


  • Microsoft – .Net (Winforms, WPF), WinAPI and even MFC
  • C/C++ native applications and services
  • Java SE
  • Python