TandemG – The R&D Experts that Transform Technological Vision into Reality  

TandemG – The R&D Experts that Transform Technological Vision into Reality  

Founded in 2010 an independent, multidisciplinary center for research and development, TandemG’s vision focuses on developing comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for tech companies to match their dynamic and evolving needs.  


The expertise and R&D capabilities of the TandemG team cut through a broad variety of technological fields, matching all of the clients’ needs and exceeding the clients’ expectations. These include IoT, hardware, software, firmware, kernel systems, cloud, mobile applications, integration, and more – all housed under the same roof.  


The gamechanger for clients is our unparalleled ability to bring together unique development capabilities, enriched knowledge and focus on helping to create value in our clients’ businesses. Combined, this enables us to smoothly, swiftly and efficiently develop new technologies and products, from the initial concept to the finished product. TandemG takes the reins for the entire R&D process and delivery, whether it’s a client’s core project or a sub-system wanted as part of a larger system.  

TandemG’s R&D services are offered, valued and appreciated by a number of target audiences, across the breadth of industry sectors: the R&D centers of global companies, established domestic high-tech companies, startups at various stages, companies without R&D departments, and more.  
Our offering and infrastructure shortens clients’ time to market. By saving management time and resources and avoiding expensive and lengthy recruitment processes, we are able to make a significant contribution to the quality of your products and play an instrumental role in the journeys of our clients’ success.   

TandemG’s unique business model has proven a valuable business and technological advantage for many companies. Evidence of this is the rapid growth of the company, which was founded as a private company and became profitable within just six months. After just five years, we entered Deloitte’s FAST 50 list and have cemented our position on that list over the last few years.The company’s team of experts has grown quickly, and now consists of over 90 software and electronics engineers in a variety of technology fields. 

A Microcosm of Israeli Society  

TandemG’s founders and managers have set out a social vision for the company and themselves that focuses on strengthening those on the outskirts and provides opportunities to integrate the diverse groups that make up Israeli society. To this end, we purposefully set up our offices in the industrial area of the city of Lod, and was the first business to bring Israeli high-tech back to this city. Many high-tech companies subsequently followed in our footsteps and found many advantages to their new location.  

The technological challenges, open environment, and pursuit of excellence have made TandemG a magnet for a diverse collection of people who collaborate together and speak the common language of technology. You feel this from the moment you step into the offices, walk down the corridors and enter the workspaces, and you see it in the finished product. 

A Home for the Brightest of Minds  

TandemG strives to nurture and develop our employees as independent and curious professionals interested in confronting and resolving difficult technological challenges, encouraging them to lead development processes and enjoy the immense professional satisfaction that comes from their R&D success and their roles at the forefront of technology and innovation.    


Over the years, TandemG has recruited brilliant first-rate engineers in Israel who prefer the informal and friendly atmosphere of a small “family” company, working outside the crowded high-tech hubs in the center of the country, with the freedom to think, reflect and  focus on technological innovation and a desire to make things happen.  


TandemG offers our employees the opportunity to learn, grow and specialize in a wide range of advanced technologies, expanding on their knowledge and positioning them for a long and successful career. Our academic and technical knowhow and friendly, close culture have provided the ideal platform for many of our employees who have earned their stripes and moved up into senior positions within the company. 

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Management Team

  • Prior to founding TandemG in 2010, Gil has served in a variety of technical and business positions, most recently as Vice President of Drivers & Embedded Solutions of Giant Steps.

    A true entrepreneur at heart, Gil is the founder and CEO of TandemG, the heart and soul of our business and a prime destination for dozens of clients each year. The company – and its special family atmosphere - thrives under his leadership and inspiration, with clients directly benefiting from his successful track record and service offering in the Israeli high-tech industry, spanning many different types of technology.

  • A software development guru, Maor stands out for his wealth of knowledge heading the Real-Time-Embedded field at TandemG since the very beginning. Over the past year, Maor was promoted to the position of Chief Technology Officer. Clients are immediately put at ease by his as invaluable experience in project management, team selection and strategic delegation. For many years, Maor has played a lead role in the development of IoT systems, from the initial architectural and planning stage through to final product delivery. Before joining TandemG, Maor served as Project Manager and Team Leader at Giant-Steps, where he created and built the embedded systems field.

  • You are only as good as the talent you hire, and Neta has successfully built Tandem's HR infrastructure right from its early stages, accommodating and managing the needs of our team, enabling us to grow into one of Israel’s leading R&D centers. A true HR visionary, with vast experience in all aspects of the field, Neta is driven by our search for the best talent and our desire to nurture it, creating a diverse atmosphere that promotes innovation and drives motivation so that we continue to meet our business goals. Neta holds a B.A in English Literature from Tel Aviv University and an MSc. in Human Resources Management from London South Bank University.

  • Throughout her career, Sarit has been responsible for successfully delivering products and services, no matter the industry or role. Beginning as a software engineer in the R&D center of the startup Mercado, she led and coordinated the development of the application, in close collaboration with clients, whilst through managerial positions at Verifone, she was pivotal in the development and delivery of complex programs that combine software and hardware.

    As TandemG's Delivery Manager, Sarit harnesses her top-level and sophisticated experience to ensure that your projects are delivered on time, meeting the standards of professionalism and excellence we have set for ourselves. In her free time, Sarit has studied organic nutrition and enjoys family hiking trips.

  • In a successful career spanning more than 20 years, our seasoned R&D Manager, Sagi has worked directly on cutting-edge solutions using various technologies that have a huge and positive impact on businesses. With a keen eye for the smallest detail and an unrelenting focus on the end-game, Sagi leads state-of-the-art and innovative software solutions, from the earliest architecture and design stages. Prior to joining TandemG, Sagi served as Projects Manager at Giant-Steps, where he played a significant role in its growth from 5 to 120 employees and in the creation of its Drivers & Embedded division.

  • A master in the field of web and cloud applications, Menachem is responsible for establishing and growing the Cloud division at TandemG. Menachem brings comprehensive experience in project management and building successful development teams, drawing on his many years in development of a variety of Web IoT systems, from the initial architecture stage to the delivery of the product. Mirroring the technical credentials of his colleagues, Menachem also holds a degree in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University.

  • Eduardo has served as TandemG’s financial adviser since its establishment and has been acting as CFO since 2012. A CPA and finance and operations management expert, Eduardo draws on his vast experience in financial and operation management in the hi-tech industry and has served as CFO of XTR, CFO & COO of Giant-Steps, and financial manager of Nexus Tellocation Systems Group. He holds a B.A. in Business Management from the Israeli "College of Management" and specializes in accounting and finance.

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